Getting the Punch List Under Control with BIM

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Another project, another missed deadline and punch list out of control.

It all started unbelievably well, but as you got deeper into that schedule, there were a few issues, as always, so your focus got diverted and that list just grew and the possibility of meeting the project deadline is becoming less realistic by the day.

There are lots of variables in a project, however, one of the major causes of a long punch list too late in a project is visibility.

You don’t know what you don’t see and drawing revisions gets bumped up before you had time to see the last revision and reports are always late or missing detail.

How do you create schedules? How is the Punch List created and managed? Do you manually create a dashboard to understand the issues? How does it all connect?

Digitising the Construction Site

Most construction sites rely on paper and spreadsheets.

Plans and checklists get printed out, marked up, filled out and they pile up.

Project managers walk up and down from the site office, manually entering data, reviewing information from spreadsheets.

The hardware technology is there to be mobile and so is the software.

Getting control of your punch list is about digitising what you’re already doing manually, by centralising data and having digital schedules and checklists, so you can get information in real time but more importantly, have real time visibility to make decisions now, not when the information eventually gets entered and analysed.

Autodesk’s BIM 360 does just that. It connects 3D BIM models, drawings, schedules, checklists and other documents in one place.

It’s holistic workflow takes you through all stages; for Design, Coordination, Field that flows on into Handover and Operations, giving you vital Analytics in real time.

When you can click that dashboard button and see what’s been closed out, which subbie is doing what and by when, you can make decisions proactively by priority. 

Information is power and there’s no power in a pile of papers and there’s no power in getting information when its too late.

If manual processes aren’t working for you anymore and the lack of project visibility is an ongoing problem, talk to Redstack about how digitising your next project can work for you.

Contact Damien Jovica at Redstack on 1300 667 263, 0400 732 928 or

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