VR Plugin for Solidworks

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When you simply want to press a button to get your Solidworks model into VR, there’s no better VR Plug in for Solidworks than Fuzor.

Once in the VR environment, you can view object properties, measure, move objects, place more parts or assemblies, plus so much more.

These features are great for Collaboration with Design teams or other stakeholders such as management or clients, for exhibition events and presales and 4D Simulation for those in Industrial/Heavy Machinery and Materials Handling.

The graphics quality isn’t up there with other VR platforms but the CAD to VR workflow and intuitive ‘out of the box’ VR features are pretty awesome and is what makes Fuzor stand out.

Resister here for our Exclusive VR Event where you can experience the VR plug in for Solidworks plus other VR platforms such as Autodesk’s 3ds Max and VRED, Matterport, Unity and Unreal Engine.

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