So You Want to be a BIM Manager?

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You’ve done a couple projects and know the drill, but you need that extra edge.

Redstack are the only Australian provider of BIM Management courses and this training can get you to that next level.

Over four days the course covers BIM Fundamentals and Advanced Concepts followed by a Competency Assessment.

CITB subsidies Available

CITB BIM Training

Redstack’s BIM Management Certificate Course g is endorsed by the Construction Industry Training Board. A subsidy is available to the first 10 CITB members who take up this offer.

What our participants say:

“I highly recommend the BIM Management course to anybody who wants to understand the process, to be able to confidently work on BIM projects.  The course is very well organised, it covers all aspects of the BIM process and its reference book is concise and very informative.  A huge thanks to our teacher for sharing his world of industry experience with us and for providing best practice examples during the course.”  Kind regards, Nicole Tudor, Client Solution Manager at QA-Software

BIM Training Course Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the basic principles of BIM
  • To gain an understanding of basic drivers toward implementing BIM.
  • Learn the benefits of BIM.
  • Challenges and building capability in the context of BIM.
  • An overview of all the relevant government drivers in relation to BIM (both locally and internationally).
  • International Context.
  • The value of data and how information should be managed, delivered and used through all stages of a project.
  • Be clear on why BIM is a determining factor on delivering projects on time and without waste and inefficiencies.
  • Skills required to be able to deliver projects within a BIM Context.
  • Assessing the supply chain regarding BIM and if they have the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver.
  • The relevance of ISO9001 in relation to BIM.
  • Strategies toward Asset and Facilities Management.
  • Learn how to create and update important project documentation such as a BIM Execution Plan.
  • The Legal and contractual implications of BIM on your organisation and how they will affect the projects you work on.
  • The importance of Information Management throughout all stages of a project.

For more information, you can contact Redstack here, call on 0400 732 928 or email me at

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