Digital Reincarnation with Mind Mapping, 3D Printing and AI

Reincarnation is not as incomprehensible as it sounds.

The Human Brain Project is a 10 year scientific research project to map the human brain and Google are looking to upload the mind to the cloud with it being “theoretically possible to copy the brain onto a computer and so provide a form of life after death.”

We can successfully 3D print organs and robotics is already at advanced levels.

We’re already connected with other beings through social media and wireless technology.

With Fuzor, you can be in a Virtual Reality environment with others and experience the environment at the same time.

Right now we can experience another location an no be bound by space. What if the extension to that was experiencing the real world like the Avatar/Surrogates movie.


Now, while the mapping of the mind is many years away and with current technology, (it would take around two years to completely map a fly’s brain and all of it’s interaction with itself.)

Companies like Autodesk is pioneering the use of Generative Design, AI and 3D printing and for engineers:

So what’s stopping mankind to upload their minds to the cloud and download it into a AI robot? Computing power and lack of understanding our conscience are the main stumbling blocks.

Today’s AI’s, holistically are no match for the biological platforms that we are today but are better in some aspects and getting better everyday. Quantum Computing is based on the laws of nature. HP’s Quantum Information Processing Group are researching optical quantum computing and Intel just unveiled their new processor which runs at 17 Qubits (Quantum Bits):

We went from analog to digital platforms in a relatively short time span, the first analog computer found is about 2,100 years old. Based on Moore’s Law, processors double in power every 18 months. We’re transitioning from digital systems to a quantum platform. Ironically, if there is a creator of the universe, quantum processors run stable at freezing points and can run at temperatures colder than outer space.

In 10-100 years, we could be reincarnating into a hybrid robot made of synthetically printed organs by uploading/downloading our conscience into it.

By 100-1,000 years we could be doing a wireless transfer of our conscience into a fully functioning body grown in a lab. If we can do that, what’s so different about the circle of life?

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