Revit Automation with Clarity

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Whether you need to publish pdfs, print sheets, export to another format like IFC or do administrative tasks like backups, the more BIM projects you have whether its architectural, mechanical, structural or for construction, the more time consuming the process.

Its a necessity but also an unspoken cost of doing business and can be a drain to resources, especially when then there’s a looming deadline and something goes wrong.

Some companies still do these tasks manually, whether its by a high paid designer/architect or an intern or junior.

Many companies run Revit plug-ins but not all plug-ins do what you need to do, so there’s one app for this, one for that and then there’s the I.T. overhead to manage plugins, not to mention you need Revit (and the human to run it), so non-Revit users like management or project managers/engineers who are close to the project still can’t get access to run these tasks and to need to pull the Revit users away from what they are doing to run the tasks for them.

Other common solutions are to export data to excel to work with it further, macros, using the Revit API or run Dynamo scripts which might be easy for one user but are complex for others who are not code-savvy.

BIM Managers face this issue on a daily basis but what if you could run any task from Revit or a Web browser so anyone (not just Revit users) could run tasks, tasks could be run in batches, on demand, on schedule or on synch to central?


Enterprise Revit Task Automation

IMAGINiT Clarity has an automation module that automates many tasks from the Revit plug-in or from a web browser, so any authorised user can run tasks and access files and data without requiring a licence of Revit on their machine or mobile device.

Tasks can be run on demand or automatically when a project synchs to central or by a schedule (e.g. 12am every day).

Here’s a quick video overview of IMAGINiT Clarity Task Automation:

What type of Revit Tasks can IMAGINiT Clarity run?

Most companies need to provide PDF, DWG, NWC and IFC’s and print sheets, however, Clarity goes further and runs many tasks essential for BIM and IT Managers too.

Here is the list of tasks that can be run on IMAGINiT Clarity 2019:

Task Description
A360 Download This task downloads files from an Autodesk A360 file storage area to a local directory.
BackupProject Backs up a Revit Project
C4RPublish This task will publish local C4R changes to the central A360 storage area
COBieExport This task requires that the Autodesk COBIE addin is installed on your task server(s). You will need to configure the detailed settings for each model inside of Revit before running the task.
ContentCatalog Extracts detailed data from all families in the model.
DatasheetBatchPdf Produce a PDF of each individual datasheet, and consolidate into a PDF book.
DGN Exports Revit Sheets to DGN
DWF Exports Revit Sheets to DWF
DWG Exports Revit Sheets to DWG
Dynamo Runs a Dynamo task or a batch of Dynamo tasks
FBX Exports model to FBX
FileCopy Copies files from one location to another, or retrieves the list of files and passes them to a Post Action defined above.
GBXML Exports GBXML data
HarvestFamilies Harvests Revit Families
IFC Exports the Revit model to IFC
IFCAlternate This task requires that the Open Source IFC UI Exporter is installed on your task server(s).
IndexFamilies Scan the given folders for Revit content and index the information in a centralized database.
ModelCompare Compare the current state of the model against a previous snapshot using the Metamorphosis addin.
ModelReview This task requires that the Autodesk Revit Model Review is installed on your task server(s).
ModelSnapshot Take a snapshot of the current state of the model using the Metamorphosis addin.
Navisworks This task requires that the Autodesk Navisworks Exporters for Revit are installed on your task server(s).
PDF Exports Revit Sheets to PDF
PerformanceAdvisor Seventeen criteria defined by Autodesk for why your Revit model is slow.
PrintToPrinter Prints files to your printer
PublishNavisworksToGlue This task requires that the Autodesk Navisworks Exporters are installed on the task server(s), and you must have configured the Glue Project Settings for the Clarity Project.
PublishRevitModel Publishes a Revit model
PublishToAutodeskViewer This task publishes the Revit model(s) with the Autodesk View And Data API. You will need to have set up your Autodesk Viewer information for the project
PublishToClarityViewer This task publishes the Revit model(s) with the Clarity Viewer.
PublishToGlue This task requires that you first configure the Glue Project Settings for the Clarity Project.
QuantitySnapshot This is an experimental task for capturing quantity snapshots from your project database. Please contact Clarity Support for assistance with configuration.
RevitDBExport Extract data from the Revit model into the project database. The data from this task is a pre-requisite for many other features within the project.
RevitImageExport Exports 3D Views from Revit
RoomImageExport This task will crop and export an image of each room visible in the given set of views.
SharePointDownload This task will download files from a SharePoint server.
UpdateRevitFileFromDisk Please use this task with caution. This task is intended to replace existing models in your project with an updated copy from another incoming location.
UpdateRevitFileFromFTP Please use this task with caution. This task is intended to replace existing models in your project with an updated copy from another incoming location

Virtually Automate Any Revit Task

While Dynamo scripting has provides design automation and task automation, it requires Dynamo app or the Dynamo player and then the challenge of having users to run Dynamo tasks.

IMAGINiT Clarity can batch run dynamo scripts, Revit macros and tasks created by coding with the Revit API to automate virtually any task imaginable, so if you need to run a task that is not listed above, leveraging on scripting and programming and running it on an enterprise system like Clarity can give you greater project efficiencies and profitability.

If you’re interested in learning more about IMAGINiT Clarity, would like a demo or trial, please contact us:

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