Autodesk Generative Design to be released by December 2017

Autodesk have many generative design technologies from Dynamo, NetFabb, Inventor, Fusion 360 and Within.

Generative Design is software that generates multiple designs based on user inputs, such as constraints, loads and materials.

Current design workflows require designers to manually make iterations and copies and while the design software available isĀ cutting edge, workflows are very tedious and pain staking when it comes to organic design.

Generative Design works on a Define > Generate > Explore > Fabricate methodology:

The advantage of having hundreds of designs to explore, gives the designer the ability to iterate a variation that may have been unfeasible using toady’s design tools or even unimaginable to the designer at the time.

Here’s an interactive 3D model of a chair using Autodesk’s upcoming Generative Design software:

Autodesk are slated to release Generative Design in December, which is based on the Labs Technology Preview, called Project Dreamcatcher.

In this example, parameters and variables are created such as as load of 135 kg and wood as a material and the software calculates hundreds of design variations then the user can take it to the CAM environment for manufacturing:

If you’d like to know more about Autodesk’s Generative Design tools for Manufacturing and Construction, contact me at Redstack, call on +61 400 732 928 or email me at

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